1. Residency - All players participating on a Fairfield County Basketball League (FCBL) team must reside in the boundaries of the town represented by that team, or they must be a student in the public school system of that town.
  2. "Cut" player exception: If a player is "cut" from his home town team, that player can play for another FCBL program. The FCBL Division Director would need to be notified of any player using this Residency rule exception, and a written excusal of that player will be required from his home town program.
  3. Residency means primary residence and not the residence of another family member such as an uncle or grandparent, etc.
  4. If a player is a resident of a town that does not have a team, the FCBL will, upon request, ordinarily permit the player to join a team of a neighboring (contiguous) town with that town program’s approval, of course. 
  5. Teams outside of Fairfield County should still be comprised of players from one town 
  6. Team Roster forms will contain the players' name, home address, school, birthdate, and grade.
  7. Grade/Age - A player's division eligibility will be determined first by his or her grade and then by birth date. Proof of age is required with the team roster. Please refer to the table below:
  8. For the 2023-20224 Season
  9. 8th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2009
  10. 7th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2010
  11. 6th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2011
  12. 5th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2012
  13. 4th grade - born on or after - Sept 1, 2013
  14. Grade-Age Exception - If a player who is in a given grade was born before the date shown above, but not before 1 year earlier than the above date, he or she is eligible to play on a team in that division as a "Grade-Age' exception. Grade-Age exceptions require proof of grade  with the birth certificate and team roster application. There can be no more than three grade-age exceptions per team. Anyone born prior to 1 year before the given date cut off is not eligible.
  15. Gender -  As a general rule, a player must play on a team with his or her gender. If no team exists in the player’s town of residence, then the player can apply for a residential exception to play on a neighboring town’s team of his or her gender. If a player wishes to play on a team of another gender, and the program director and coach approve of same, then the player must make an exception application to the FCBL which will determine whether or not to grant the exception in its sole and absolute discretion.
  16. Rostered Players Only - Only players that were included and approved on the team's pre-season League roster can participate in League regular season and tournament games. (However, the League chooses to have no policy over who plays in Non-League games).
  17. Double Registration is no longer allowed (as of 2017): A player can only be on one FCBL league roster per season. 
  18. However, there are no roster rules governing nonFCBL game play, so a player has no restrictions as to whatever team he plays for in nonFCBL League games.
  19. Team Photo Requirement (for Boys teams only) 
  20. Each boys team is required to submit to a League Photo Id Coordinator (PIC), preferrably by email attachment, a digital team photo of their team, with the players' being identified by name in an accompanying caption note. Those names will be matched to the team's League Roster.
  21. The deadline for this submission is prior to the team's first League game played in the season. If a team has not submitted this photo prior to their first League game, they will forfeit every League game that is played from that point on until the photo is submitted.
  22. A partial team photo can be submitted, with subsequent individual photos being submitted at a later date for any players missing in the original team photo. However, those missing players will not be allowed to play in a League game until their photos have been submitted
  23. These team photos will be posted on the respective team's webpage. The opponents are encouraged to access those photos and use them to identify the approved players for each League and FCBL Tournament game.
  24. If there is any dispute as to the legitmacy of a player, i.e., if it is unclear whether that player is in the official team photo, a game ref should be notified. This ref will be interviewed by League officials, in any follow-up investigation.
  25. A disputed player will be allowed to participate in the game. However, if it is later found that the player was illegal, that League game will be forfeited and the offending team's management will be seriously reprimanded by the League.  

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